Advanced bus fire protection systems

Protecting passengers and property with
Lehavot advanced bus fire protection systems

When it comes to safeguarding passengers’ lives as well as equipment, the advanced Lehavot fire bus fire protection system provides comprehensive fire protection coverage with excellent firefighting performance, reliability and low lifecycle cost.

Lehavot offers custom designing, modeling, testing, and manufacturing of fire suppression systems to protect vehicles and equipment—all under one roof.

Lehavot’s state of the art fire protection systems for Bus and Coach engines and battery compartments uses a unique and patented detection technology. The Lehavot system is highly immune to false alarms while ensuring quick automatic activation of the extinguishing unit in case of a fire event.

Lehavot’s Fire Suppression System is an efficient modern fire protection solution for the millions of people who use public transportation every day.


The potential for disastrous human loss is present in most fire events. In public transportation vehicles such as busses it could be catastrophic.
Apart from arson, there are a few common reasons for the ignition of buses or coaches amongst them extreme heat, vehicle vibration, material fatigue or malfunction, fuel / hydraulic fluids leakage or electric short circuit as well as inadequate maintenance.

Many bus fire events originate in either the engine or battery compartments, which are usually out of the driver’s sight. It is therefore difficult for the driver to notice a fire if it occurs which might result in a slow response time increasing both life loss and damage risk.

The Lehavot system is comprised from:

Bus engine fire protection system

  • Delta detector
  • Suppression agent & nozzles
  • Command and Control

Bus battery compartment fire protection system

  • Fire detector
  • Suppression agent & nozzles
  • Command and Control


Command & Control

Automatic “Pre Alarm” and “Fire Alarm” alerts to driver’s dashboard warning him of the event even before he can see it – allowing manual system activation.
As a fire or dramatic rise in temperature are detected the Delta’s pre-configured internal threshold automatically drive a “Pre Alarm” and “Fire Alarm” directly to the driver’s dashboard warning him of the event even before he can see it – allowing both automatic and manual system activation.


Control Panel

Surface mounted or flush mounted via external mounting feet. Internally prewired for connection to other system electrical components via plug connectors.

Delta Fire Detector

The DELTA “Dynamic Energy Line Type Activation” is an FM approved, unique Rate-of-Rise pneumatic-electronic linear heat detector, with fast fire detection when subjected to direct flames or a remote distant placement. Features a unique electronic signal analysis algorithm that determines if the measured local rate of rise temperature rises regardless of extreme ambient temperatures. Includes Built-In-Test (BIT) capabilities suitable for use in applications that are difficult or impossible to service and is ruggedly built detector requiring little maintenance;

Dry Chemical Agent Cylinders

ABC Agent Cylinders, with capacities of 6 or 8 kg. arrive pressurized with dry nitrogen at a pressure of 25 bars at 21°C. Designed to work at temperatures from -40°C to 60°C. The discharge valve is pyrotechnically activated.

Bracket For 6 And 8 KG ABC Cylinders

Used to secure 6 or 8 kg cylinders assemblies to the mounting surface and connect the discharge valve to the distribution network

Discharge Hoses

Carry the dry chemical agent to the discharge nozzles. Hoses consist of SAE 100R14A, 3/8 inch and 1/2 inch, Stainless Steel wire braided rubber hydraulic hose, and/or stainless steel tubing and the corresponding fittings.

Discharge Nozzle

The brass discharge nozzles distribute the dry chemical agent. Machined with a 3/8-inch NPT pipe thread for assembly into 3/8-inch distribution hoses. Shipped complete with a heat and weather resistant rubber blow-off cap that preventing debris from lodging in the nozzle outlet.

Blow Off Cap

A heat and weather resistant rubber blow-off cap

Automatic activation fire extinguisher
Fire detection tubing routed around the engine compartment
Extinguishing agent discharge system
Manual activation
Features and Benefits
  • Fast detection – DELTA detector assures quick detection of fires to minimize the risk damage and injuries
  • Efficient Extinguishing Action – Utilizes dry powder to suppress fires and prevent re ignition – extinguishes all classes of fires
  • Easy installation – Durable, flexible stainless steel tubing can be routed to monitor long distances or tight spaces
  • Driver Alert – the system will indicate the driver on a fire event
  • User Friendly – the system requires minimal maintenance
  • Reliable – Low risk of false alarms
  • Robust structure High tolerance to harsh conditions such as, grime, dirt, dust etc.
  • FM Approved
  • IS0 9001:2008 – Quality assurance certification