Lehavot’s BusShield R107 approval features British Coach & Bus Week

Lehavot launches BusShield advanced fire protection suite in line with UNECE R107

Lehavot, a world leading innovator in the field of fire protection systems, introduces BusShield, which draws on technology developed for war zones to beat even the most testing protection regulations

The tough new UNECE R107 regulations come into mandatory force in July 2018, requiring Class III coaches to be fitted with fire warning and suppression equipment, with Class I and II vehicles set to follow in 2020.

BusShield is a fully compliant solution, combining a linear heat detection system and a command and control unit, with a full suppression agent and delivery mechanism designed for neat integration into the bus’s engine compartment. The control unit is mounted straight into the dashboard, providing pre-alarm and fire alarm warnings. The system is set to automate responses to threshold heat parameters, promising safety even in the event that a driver is incapacitated. A manual mode enables the driver to manually activate suppressants.

Fire detection is based on Lehavot’s cutting edge Delta 6-series linear heat detector sensor suite, offering lightning-fast detection of any issues within a second, a high degree of reliability and low false alarm rates. Sensitivity can be tailored to individual vehicles and user requirements. All alarms, fire events and responses are recorded in the detector, enabling users to download and monitor conditions at any point.

Should a fire be detected, suppressants primed in 25-bar pressurised dry chemical agent containers are able to swiftly smother and put out a range of fire types before they can take hold. These technologies have been proven and adopted in tens of thousands of vehicles in operation across Asia, Europe and the United States.

Once installed, the system combines high reliability with low maintenance and support requirements, promising users low lifecycle costs.

Lehavot developed BusShield by leveraging its experience as a primary supplier for all of the in-service military Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles developed to counter the IED threat over the last ten years. Amongst other innovations, this work saw the company develop an advanced Fast Release Valve able to rapidly counter blossoming explosions and keep military operators safe.

As well as compliance with UNECE R107, Lehavot and BusShield are certified to ISO 9001:2008, as well as FM Approved and proudly P-Mark badged. The Delta detectors are additionally rated to MIL-STD 810, 461 and 1275.

For more information please visit: lehavot.com

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