When regulators in Israel ruled that all buses used for public transportation must be protected with engine fire detection and suppression units, it was not surprising that public transportation operators turned to Lehavot for a solution.

Bus fires pose an exceptionally catastrophic threat of injury, death and loss of property. Bus fire events often originate in either the engine or battery compartments, both of which are usually out of the driver’s line-of-sight. The longer the time that elapses between a fire breaking out and its detection, the greater the risk of disastrous results.

Lehavot’s BUSShield is a comprehensive, cost-effective and reliable bus fire protection system that immediately alerts the driver to fire and overheating events and automatically takes efficient extinguishing action. BUSShield is based on Lehavot’s groundbreaking DELTA linear fire and heat detector whose stainless steel detection tubing is easily installed in confined spaces such as engine compartments and is highly robust to harsh environmental conditions such as grime, dirt, dust, etc.

The BUSShield is currently being installed in thousands of public transportation buses in Israel and other countries in the world, and it is expected that hundreds more will soon be protecting its passengers with the world’s most advanced bus fire detection and suppression system.