Advanced linear fire detector

DELTA 6 AVI – Integrated Control and Detection Unit

Audio, Visual, Indication – Combines integrated detectionand control capabilities in one compact and lightweight unit

The Delta AVI fire detection system is comprised of:

  • The DELTA linear detector: Enhances fire detection reliability by measuring both the rate of temperature rise as well as the absolute temperature change above ambient conditions. The sensor sensitivity can be calibrated according to the protected zone’s environmental conditions.
  • The DELTA 6 AVI: A lightweight, compact, user-friendly control unit that receives the signals from the linear detector. Permitted thresholds can be configured for rate of temperature rise and/or absolute temperature so that the control unit can drive “Pre Alarm” and “Fire Alarm” relays to activate fire suppression mechanisms. The control unit also provides audio and visual Fire, Fault and Power indications. Fire events, faults and signal peaks are stored in the control unit’s non-volatile memory, and can be downloaded at any time through a USB interface.

What is a Rate-of-Rise Detector

A flame or overheat detector responds when the temperature rises at a rate exceeding a predetermined value, irrespective of the starting temperature. Thus, a temperature change of, for example, 10 degrees
per second will trigger an alarm while the same change over 3 hours will be ignored.


Fire events, faults and signal peaks are stored in the detector’s Non-Volatile Memory, and can be downloaded at any time through a USB interface.

DELTA measures the Rate Of temperature Rise as well as, measuring the Absolute Temperature Change above ambient conditions, while enhancing fire detection reliability.

Internal thresholds can be configured for those values and the detector can drive a “Pre Alarm” and “Fire Alarm” Relays accordingly.

The lightweight, compact, and user-friendly Delta 6 AVI combines the DELTA detector as well as audiovisual indications, providing a complete detection, alarm and activation solution in one unit.

The built-in visual and audio alerts include: Fire Indication I Fault Indication I Power Indication.

Features and Benefits


  • System Control Capabilities – Controls and monitors all system components
  • Extinguishing Unit Activation – Enables activation of the automatic extinguisher
  • Fast Detection – Rapidly detects fires, minimizing damage and injuries.
  • Extremely Reliable – Low rate of false alarms.
  • Distant Sensing – Identifies fires occurring a considerable distance from the sensor tubing, does not require direct exposure to the fire.
  • Performance Monitoring – Advanced Built-in Test (BIT) module that indicates failure in the event of reduced performance over the full length of the detection tube.
  • Customizable Sensitivity – Can be adjusted for optimal sensitivity to site conditions and for specific applications.
  • Robust Structure and Durability – Non-pressurized system better tolerates grime, dirt, and extreme environmental conditions.
  • Low Cost of Ownership – Relatively low cost, low maintenance, and low power consumption.
  • Easy Installation – Flexible stainless steel tubing can be routed to monitor large compartments or tight spaces.
  • Cost-Effective – Single unit replaces multiple regular detector units and a separate control unit.
  • IS0 9001:2008 – Quality assurance certification
  • FM 3210
  • EN 54-5

Certified Military Standards:

  • MIL-STD 810 – For environmental conditions
  • MIL-STD 461 – For electromagnetic compatibility
  • MIL-STD 1275 – For Characteristics of 28V DC electrical systems in military vehicles